How To Redirect Logs In OpenDaylight

By default logs are written to karaf.log file in OpenDaylight. If you want to write logs from a specific plugin or a java class to a separate file i.e. a log file other than karaf.log, you need to follow below steps. Step 1: Define a new file appender Go to directory karaf/target/assembly/etc vi org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg Add […]

Get Dockerized – Docker Overview In 5 Minutes

What is Docker? Docker is a virtualization environment; the concept is identical to that of  virtual machine, but significantly more lightweight.  You could construct a virtual machine image to run a single service (e.g. a web server), but launching an entire VM for a single service may be overkill.  Instead, that web server (and required resources) can […]

ADARA Hercules – SDN App By ADARA Networks

ADARA Hercules is a complete 100% Open SDN Services Choreography Infrastructure Orchestration Application. It enables complete services/infrastructure choreography and network orchestration. It enables IT administrators to define service policies using an intuitive drag-and-drop design tool, and to automate many of the ongoing IT management tasks. By automating these operations, IT can react quickly to new service […]

ADARA Comet – SDN App By ADARA Networks

ADARA Comet maximizes WAN bandwidth by eliminating the slow start/fast drop-off “saw tooth” behavior of legacy TCP. It is a SDN Configurable Virtual WAN Optimizer, a comprehensive set of Virtualized Network Functions which improve the performance applications and services in both SDN (Virtualized) and of existing physical network infrastructure. With a few hours of set […]

Network Visualizer – SDN App By HP

The HP Network Visualizer SDN Application by utilizing HP VAN SDN Controller provides dynamic traffic capture with real-time detailed network monitoring allowing for fast network diagnosis and verification, rapid transition from incident to fix. Features 1. Real-time Visibility and Diagnosis Network Visualizer provides dynamic traffic capture to diagnose the root cause of the network. It […]

Network Protector – SDN App By HP

The Network Protector SDN Application enables automated network posture assessment and real-time security across SDN-enabled network, provides simple security for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  This turns the entire network infrastructure into security-enforcement devices, providing visibility and threat protection against more than one million malicious bot-nets, malware and spyware sites. Security for Bring Your Own […]

Network Optimizer – SDN App By HP

Network Optimizer HP Network Optimizer SDN Application for Microsoft Lync enables automated provisioning of network policy and quality of service to provide an enhanced user experience. The Network Optimizer Application dynamically provisions the end-to-end network path and Quality of Service (QoS) policy via the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN)SDN Controller, reducing the need for manual, […]

Navigate – SDN App By Ciena

Navigate – Multilayer Path Computation Engine Navigate is an analytic-driven engine for calculating the best route across the network. It receives and processes connection requests including the originating and terminating endpoints; the service parameters such as bandwidth and protection tier; and any constraints such as maximum latency or transit node exclusions. Next, it interrogates the […]

Protect – SDN App By Ciena

Protect – Global Restoration Calculator The Protect application computes and distributes optimal contention free restoration paths for protected services to recover from single link failures. It receives and processes the restoration path request considering the working path and the connection service parameters. It interrogates the topology and connections database and the network policy database to […]

Optimize – SDN App By Ciena

Optimize – Multilayer Network Optimizer Optimize is an application run periodically to defragment the network. When connections are initially provisioned, the Navigate multilayer path computation engine finds their optimal paths through the network; however, over time as connections churn and resources are freed up or new resources are added, the network may become sub-optimally configured […]