ADARA Comet – SDN App By ADARA Networks

ADARA Comet maximizes WAN bandwidth by eliminating the slow start/fast drop-off “saw tooth” behavior of legacy TCP. It is a SDN Configurable Virtual WAN Optimizer, a comprehensive set of Virtualized Network Functions which improve the performance applications and services in both SDN (Virtualized) and of existing physical network infrastructure. With a few hours of set up, Comet enables IT applications to run up to 50 times faster, with higher reliability and lower cost, over the existing WAN infrastructure, avoiding the need for large investments in OPEX and CAPEX.

The COMET virtualized services are managed by the HP VAN SDN Controller by using standard OpenFlow protocol to set up paths for service chaining.


1. Dynamic multipath routing
Dynamic multipath routing automatically detects the possible paths between communicating endpoints and combines the paths into one big virtual tunnel/pipe with bigger bandwidth capacity.
2. SLA-based forwarding
SLA-based forwarding identifies the best paths suitable for each application. Comet continuously monitors bandwidth and latency on each network path, and chooses the best path based on the bandwidth and latency requirements of the application.
3. TCP acceleration
The TCP acceleration module optimizes the TCP congestion avoidance algorithms, using ADARA’s unique TCP window-size management based upon the global network state. With Comet TCP Acceleration, WAN links operate at close to maximum bandwidth.
4. Data Deduplication Services
Data Deduplication Services provide an efficient way of compressing the repeated data patterns in the traffic and effectively provide LAN-like performance over long-distance WAN links.

ADARA Comet Demo



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