ADARA Hercules – SDN App By ADARA Networks

ADARA Hercules is a complete 100% Open SDN Services Choreography Infrastructure Orchestration Application. It enables complete services/infrastructure choreography and network orchestration. It enables IT administrators to define service policies using an intuitive drag-and-drop design tool, and to automate many of the ongoing IT management tasks. By automating these operations, IT can react quickly to new service requests and changing network conditions, while keeping OPEX costs under control.


  • Reduces IT manual operations and save OPEX
  • Centralized management, configuration and monitoring using a workflow-based user interface. A work flow specifies a set of execution paths. Each path is controlled by a conditional element, which monitors a specific condition in the network. If the condition value exceeds its defined threshold, Hercules will execute the specified work-flow
  • Provides a set of templates to accomplish common tasks. For instance, start up an additional VM if the load on an existing VM exceeds a specified threshold
  • Provides the ability to easily manage the orchestration policies. For instance, starting and stopping the execution of a work flow.
  • Services provisioning management is auto-scalable

Adara Hercules Demo




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