Visualizing Module Dependency In Eclipse

Eclipse provides a plugin Dependency Visualization to view the nice graphical view of module dependencies. After a maven project is imported in Eclipse, this plugin can be used to view all the other modules this project is dependent on. Below is a step by step guide to use this plugin. Step 1: Install Dependency Visualization […]

How Not To Show .Class Files In Git GUI

I use Git GUI to verify the changed files and changes done before submitting them. One of the problem I face is that .class, .jar & .target files gets listed in the “Unstaged Changes” and it becomes difficult to scroll down and find out the files that are actually modified, added or deleted. To resolve […]

Steps To Install PlantUML On Windows 7

PlantUML is used to create .png files from .uml files generated using Pyang. You can find the steps to install pyang here. Here are the steps to install PlantUML on Windows 7. Step 1: Install Graphviz for Windows Download Graphviz from here. Run the exe file and install it. Once installed, create a new environment […]

Steps To Install Pyang On Windows 7

Pyang is an extremely useful tool for Validating YANG Files Generating UML diagrams from YANG Models Generating tree representation of YANG models for quick visulization For more information on pyang, refer this link. Below are the steps to install pyang on windows 7. Step 1: Install Git Bash Since you must be using Git already, […]

How To Import Maven Project From OpendayLight Git Repository To Eclipse

This is a step by step guide to import maven project from OpendayLight Git Repository to Eclipse. Step 1: Download and install Git. Refer Step 2: Clone an existing Git Repository This can be done either using Git Bash or Git GUI. I used Git GUI to clone the controller and yangtools repositories.  For […]