Get Dockerized – Docker Overview In 5 Minutes

What is Docker? Docker is a virtualization environment; the concept is identical to that of  virtual machine, but significantly more lightweight.  You could construct a virtual machine image to run a single service (e.g. a web server), but launching an entire VM for a single service may be overkill.  Instead, that web server (and required resources) can […]

Overlay & Underlay Topologies In OpenDaylight

This post is dedicated to develop an understanding of how Overlay & Underlay Topologies work in OpenDaylight. I have written a small plugin to create a working example of overlay and underlay topologies. But before we jump into what the plugin does, let’s go though some definitions. Definitions As defined in network-topology.yang, for a given […]

Testing OSGI Bundle Using JUnit

In my last blog post I explained how to create a hello world application using Maven, OSGi in Opendaylight framework (although it had nothing to do with networking, I will be explaining that too in coming blogs). For those who haven’t read that please follow the below link: As I believe “A not tested […]

Hello World Application Using OSGI Bundle

As I always love to write a basic “Hello World” program when ever i start writing something new. So let’s develop a simple OSGI Bundle in which will print “Hello World” and “Goodbye World” to the console when the bundle starts and stops. This will get you started in application development in ODL. Prerequisites Before […]