Difference Between Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualization

Software Defined Networking

  • A way to controlling the network from a logically centralized high level program i.e. Controller.
  • Decouples control plane from data plane.
  • Network Virtualization is one of the application of SDN – Software defined networking can be leveraged as a tool to achieve Network Virtualization.

Network Virtualization

  • Carving out multiple virtual network from a single physical network
  • Administration of each virtual network is delegated to same or different entity
  • Administrator of one virtual network doesn’t have access to the traffic flowing through other virtual networks even if they are sharing the same physical link
  • Virtualization can happen at many levels/layers e.g. at Routers (L3), Ethernet (L2), OTN (L1) or Wavelength (L0)
  • Better utilization of network resources

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