How To Handle Notifications Published To MD-SAL

MD-SAL has handlers written for MD-SAL notification types. One such example is NodeChangeCommiter which handles the notifications published on NodeUpdated notification type – refer here.

Let’s say we have defined a new YANG model and have created a new notification type shapeDone as follows:

On converting this YANG file to Java, following files will get created:

  • ShapeListener – a listener nterface that declares the method onShapeDone
  • ShapeDone – an object of type notification (extends opendaylight Notification interface)
  • ShapeDoneBuilder – builder class to create an instance of type ShapeDone

Let’s say the provider publishes a notification on ShapeDone object as below: [Refer this link for more details]

Consumer should have a handler to handle this notification. First, consumer should implement ShapeListener interface and provide implementation for onShapeDone as below:

Then, it should register this listener to MD-SAL as below. By doing this, we are letting MD-SAL know that “Hey, if you receive a notification of type ShapeDone, you need to notify ShapeListenerImpl.


  1. t-anh says

    Thank you for this tutorial
    I create my project “myapp” from Startup Project Archetype.
    Then define notification in yang file and auto-generate java file from yang.
    When i register for notifications as follow

    NotificationService notificationService = session. getSALService(NotificationService.class);
    listenerReg = notificationService.registerNotificationListener(new MyappListenerImpl());

    When i build project, test org.opendaylight.myapp.impl.MyAppProviderTest failed because NullPointerException at new MyappListenerImpl().
    Anybogy can help me to solve this error?

  2. says

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  3. Paolo says

    Hello, I dont know you you can help me, but Im getting org.opendaylight.controller.sal.binding.api.NotificationService is not available when I put my Jar on opendaylight deploy directory. I tried to install metal all but still having this issue and don’t know why.

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