How To Look Up Data In MD-SAL

In previous post, we learned how to access data in MD-SAL using Mount Point. In this post, we will see how to look up data from MD-SAL using DataProviderService.

Above code snippet is for binding aware components.


  1. Flavio says

    In Helium (and beyond), DataProviderService has been deprecated… can you show us a page using
    AsyncConfigurationCommitCoordinator ?


  2. Nithin says

    Hi , I am new to ODL and java , can you tell me about the session variable and how actually I can use the above code in my app . I am just trying to create an instance of the class given above but not able to get the nodes . What should be passed to the session variable or should we even call the onSessionInitiated method , I am just trying to integrate Tapapp ( and the above code inorder to get the nodes and the links in the operational data store .

    Thank you

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