Navigate – SDN App By Ciena

Navigate – Multilayer Path Computation Engine

Navigate is an analytic-driven engine for calculating the best route across the network. It receives and processes connection requests including the originating and terminating endpoints; the service parameters such as bandwidth and protection tier; and any constraints such as maximum latency or transit node exclusions. Next, it interrogates the topology and connections database and network policy database to determine the available network resources that are not eliminated by constraints such as shared-risk link groups or reserved capacity. It then calculates the best combination of packet,  OTN, and/or photonic resources to provision the flow or connection while delivering the SLA requirements and meeting the operator’s network optimization objectives. These objectives may include lowest resource cost, fewest active wavelengths, lowest probability of blocking predicted future service demands, or others.

In all cases, Navigate minimizes the opportunity cost of future connections in terms of the objective function and prolongs the time until a global network re-optimization or additional network resources are required.



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