Network Optimizer – SDN App By HP

Network Optimizer

HP Network Optimizer SDN Application for Microsoft Lync enables automated provisioning of network policy and quality of service to provide an enhanced user experience. The Network Optimizer Application dynamically provisions the end-to-end network path and Quality of Service (QoS) policy via the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN)SDN Controller, reducing the need for manual, device-by-device configuration via the CLI, which greatly simplifies policy deployment and reduces the likelihood of human errors.

Network Optimizer provides:

  • Traffic classification – Identify application traffic requiring preferential treatment
  • Policy enforcement – Prioritize time sensitive traffic based QoS profiles, supports up to 10K users within a single SDN domain
  • Visibility into per call SDN operation in terms of DSCP marking applied
  • Granular sorting and display filtering – by IP address, media type, call quality and jitter
  • History records management
  • Configurable global template and phone trust

Network Optimizer Demo



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