Optimize – SDN App By Ciena

Optimize – Multilayer Network Optimizer

Optimize is an application run periodically to defragment the network. When connections are initially provisioned, the Navigate multilayer path computation engine finds their optimal paths through the network; however, over time as connections churn and resources are freed up or new resources are added, the network may become sub-optimally configured and utilized. In the aggregate, connections may take more average hops, incur more average latency, require more resources, and cause more current or potential blocking than is necessary.

Optimize interrogates the topology and connections database and the network policy database and determines how raw capacity could be re-allocated, and existing connections re-groomed, to better optimize the network. It then generates the sequence of steps to migrate the client services connections and the underlying transport connections to their new home paths with minimal disruption, making use of temporary bandwidth and make-before-break techniques as appropriate.

Optimize defragments the network and minimizes stranded bandwidth—delaying as long as possible the need to add new physical resources to the network. This saves CAPEX.


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