How To Remove Node From MD-SAL

Below is the code snippet to publish a node removal notification to MD-SAL

Helium Version Everything remains same except the way of accessing notification provider service at line 14.

Difference Between Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualization

Software Defined Networking A way to controlling the network from a logically centralized high level program i.e. Controller. Decouples control plane from data plane. Network Virtualization is one of the application of SDN – Software defined networking can be leveraged as a tool to achieve Network Virtualization. Network Virtualization Carving out multiple virtual network from […]

How To Check If Device Supports NETCONF Monitoring

As explained in this draft on IETF NETCONF Monitoring ,  a NETCONF data model (YANG) can be used to monitor the NETCONF protocol. The monitoring data model includes information about NETCONF datastores, sessions, locks and statistics. This data facilitates the management of a NETCONF server (a NETCONF server is a device that supports NETCONF operations). […]

Visualizing Module Dependency In Eclipse

Eclipse provides a plugin Dependency Visualization to view the nice graphical view of module dependencies. After a maven project is imported in Eclipse, this plugin can be used to view all the other modules this project is dependent on. Below is a step by step guide to use this plugin. Step 1: Install Dependency Visualization […]

SDN Course Now Available At Coursera

Second offering of SDN Course is now available at Coursera – they have already published content for first week. Course content looks promising, you may have a look at it here: Another interesting thing they have done this year is that you can earn a verified certificate from Georgia Institute of Technology & Coursera […]

How to Lookup all NodeConnectors of a Node in MD-SAL

Let’s say we have a node “node_oo1″ and we want to lookup all the node connectors associated with this node in MD-SAL. First we create an instance identifier using the nodeId and nodeKey and then we lookup the node from MD-SAL. Once we get the node, we invoke getNodeConnector() api to get a list of […]

How To Look Up Topology and Links In MD-SAL

In one of our previous post, we learned how to look up data (all nodes and a specific node) in MD-SAL. In this post, we will understand: How to look up all topologies in MD-SAL How to lookup a specific topology in MD-SAL How to lookup all links in MD-SAL Code snippet given below also […]

How Not To Show .Class Files In Git GUI

I use Git GUI to verify the changed files and changes done before submitting them. One of the problem I face is that .class, .jar & .target files gets listed in the “Unstaged Changes” and it becomes difficult to scroll down and find out the files that are actually modified, added or deleted. To resolve […]

How To Connect To Netconf Server Using OpenDaylight Netconf Plugin

The OpenDaylight’s Netconf Southbound Plugin can talk with netconf 1.0,1.1 compatible devices and supports netconf over ssh, chunking and eom framing as defined in To connecting to an external netconf server using opendaylight netconf plugin, create “04-netconf-devices.xml” in following location: \\odl-controller\opendaylight\distribution\opendaylight\target\distribution.opendaylight-osgipackage\opendaylight\configuration\initial Note: If there is already a file with number 04, create with 05 and […]

OpenDaylight, Netconf, Restconf & YANG

An excerpt from chat with Tomas Olvecky: Q.YANG is a modeling language written to support netconf based devices. But in opendaylight we are using it to describe the structure of data provided by controller components. Well there are couple of tutorials on internet which makes me believe that netconf and yang are inseparable. Please throw […]