Protect – SDN App By Ciena

Protect – Global Restoration Calculator

The Protect application computes and distributes optimal contention free restoration paths for protected services to recover from single link failures.

It receives and processes the restoration path request considering the working path and the connection service parameters. It interrogates the topology and
connections database and the network policy database to find available network resources that are not eliminated by constraints such as co-routing
requirements. It then tries to determine a viable restoration path for each potential link failure that would not affect the restorability of existing connections. If successful, it distributes the set of restoration paths to the network nodes for autonomous execution—by either the distributed OneConnect intelligent control plane or a group table in an OpenFlow Logical Switch— upon link failure detection. If unsuccessful or if an imminent bandwidth shortage is detected, it issues a warning message and, if possible, identifies specific capacity optimization and/or supplementation to ameliorate the restoration bandwidth problem.

By pre-calculating and distributing optimal contention-free restoration paths, Protect minimizes restoration times, minimizes the total restoration bandwidth required and improves survivability.



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