Steps To Install PlantUML On Windows 7

PlantUML is used to create .png files from .uml files generated using Pyang. You can find the steps to install pyang here.

Here are the steps to install PlantUML on Windows 7.

Step 1: Install Graphviz for Windows

  • Download Graphviz from here.
  • Run the exe file and install it.
  • Once installed, create a new environment variable as shown in the image below. Variable value should be till dot.exe e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz 2.28\bin\dot.exe.
  • graphviz_dot

Step 2: Download PlantUML

Download PlantUML from this link. You will get a jar file – plantuml.jar. Now, run below command to generate sample.png file from sample.uml.

java -jar plantuml.jar sample.uml

Note: You might face issue with a specific version of PlantUML so you need to try couple of them to find out what works for you.

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