Visualizing Module Dependency In Eclipse

Eclipse provides a plugin Dependency Visualization to view the nice graphical view of module dependencies. After a maven project is imported in Eclipse, this plugin can be used to view all the other modules this project is dependent on. Below is a step by step guide to use this plugin.

Step 1: Install Dependency Visualization Eclipse Plugin

  • In Eclipse, navigate to Help -> Install New Software…
  • Enter following URL in “Work with:” text box as shown below –
  • PDE Dependency Visualization
  • Click on Next, accept the agreement and install the software.
  • Restart Eclipse

Step 2: Launch “Plug-in Dependencies” pane

  • Navigate to Window -> Show View -> Other .. -> Plug-in Development -> Plug-in Dependencies as shown in the image below
  • PDE Dependency Visualization
  • Click on “OK” & this will launch “Plug-in Dependencies” pane at the bottom.

Step 3: View hierarchical view of required plug-ins

  • Right-click on the pane and select “Focus On…” to launch Plug-in Selection window
  • PDE Dependency Visualization
  • Type the plug-in to choose for example, we have chosen sal-netconf-connector as shown below
  • PDE Dependency Visualization
  • Press “OK”.
  • PDE Dependency Visualization

You can also view “Unused Dependencies” & open corresponding pom.xml through right-click menu on the plug-in.

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