• A REST like protocol running over HTTP for accessing data defined in YANG using datastores defined in NETCONF.
  • RESTCONF is an IETF draft that describes how to map a YANG specification to a RESTful interface.
  • The REST-like API is not intended to replace NETCONF, but rather provide an additional simplified interface that follows REST-like principles and is compatible with a resource-oriented device abstraction.
  • The RESTCONF protocol operates on a conceptual datastore defined with the YANG data modeling language. The server lists each YANG module it supports under “/restconf/modules” in the top-level API resource type, using a structure based on the YANG module capability URI format.
  • The conceptual datastore contents, data-model-specific operations and notification events are identified by this set of YANG module resources. All RESTCONF content identified as either a data resource, operation resource, or event stream resource is defined with the YANG language.
  • The classification of data as configuration or non-configuration is derived from the YANG “config” statement. Data ordering behavior is derived from the YANG “ordered-by” statement.
  • RESTCONF allows access to datastores locating in controller. There are two datastores:Each request must start with URI /restconf
    • Config – contains data inserted via controller
    • Operational – contains data inserted via network
  • RESTCONF listens on port 8080 for HTTP requests
  • RESTCONF supports OPTIONS, GET, PUT, POST, DELETE operations.
  • Request and response data can be in XML or JSON format. XML has structure according to yang by XML-YANG and JSON by JSON-YANG.


  • http://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-bierman-netconf-restconf/?include_text=1
  • https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/OpenDaylight_Controller:MD-SAL:Restconf


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